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5 Days in Saint Petersburg

3 minute read

Russia has never a place on my bucket list. With the current political climate and all the talk about Russia in the media, I decided I’d go and see what it w...

Initial Impressions of Guayaquil, Ecuador

7 minute read

I’ve been in Guayaquil, Ecuador for almost a week now. Typically, when I’m traveling internationally, I just stay at hostels. But since I’m spending 9 days h...

Legalization and Freedom

3 minute read

I just overheard some people at a restaurant talking about “drugs” and the older man goes, “what about alcohol?” Alcohol IS a mind-altering drug. So is caffe...


2 minute read

I love flags. Plenty of Americans are obsessed with the American Flag. They fly Old Glory day and night. I just love flags in general. Yes, I...

Burning Man 2016

less than 1 minute read

Ever since my first Regional Burning Man event I’ve been obsessed with the “Burner culture”. Since then I’ve made it a priority to go to Burning Man every ye...

Surviving Life on the Road as a Digital Nomad

less than 1 minute read

There have been a lot of stories written recently about tech professionals cutting ties to apartment and house dwellings to live in their RV, minivan, car, w...

Mary’s Gash

less than 1 minute read

Mary’s Gash is one of my favorite exit points in Moab. Easy hike, amazing views, long canopy ride, and you can take some freefall time.

National Parks

less than 1 minute read

Over the past two years I’ve fallen in love with the United States’ National Parks. I’m making a goal today to visit all 48 National Parks that lie in the co...