4 Years A Nomad

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4 Years A Nomad

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my nomadic life.

Some might call it a “vanniversary” 🙄

Giving up a “normal life” to live a nomadic existence in a van wasn’t something I ever dreamed of doing. It wasn’t on my “bucket list” and I never aspired to travel so much until I started doing it.

Honestly, this has been the best time of my life. It’s not always easy, but for what I want out of life, it’s the best way for me. All the amazing friends, adventures, and growth in my life have made this one of the most terrifying and epic decisions I’ve ever made.

My empty apartment.
Setting out on the road after locking my keys in the apartment for my ex-landlord.

I’ve learned that you don’t need THINGS to be happy. Just do what makes you happy with people you love.

Stop trying to keep up with the Jonses.
Stop comparing yourself to others.
Stop worrying about the future.
Stop making excuses.
Go live your life the way you want to.

Since I hit the road August 15, 2014, I’ve been to some pretty amazing places!

I’ve spent over $15,000 on 75 flights through 13 countries and 37 different airports. This covered over 130,000 miles (that’s 5.22 times around the earth and over half way to the moon!)

I’ve driven over 85,000 miles spending around $12,000 on gas and diesel with 2 different vans.

I’ve also been to 29 National Parks, 40 different states, and made over 1,000 parachute jumps (BASE and skydiving combined)!

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Mark Rickert is a skydiver, wingsuit flyer, BASE jumper, and world traveler


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