About Mark

Working in a hammock in Sweden

Hi! I’m Mark Rickert and I’m a full time digital nomad, world traveler & adventurer!

My history

After working in various positions as a software developer for about 15 years, I realized my life had fallen into a tedious routine… everything was the same. I was getting too comfortable with the status quo. I needed more excitement and variation in my life. So I started skydiving in the fall of 2013 at Skydive Carolina! and it literally changed my life.

After I got my skydiving license, I sold almost everything I owned and moved into a converted van… first a Roadtrek (Dodge Ram) and now I have a Vista Cruiser (Freightliner Sprinter).

Everything I own fits in my van. I believe that possessions only serve to weigh me down mentally and physically. I strive to live a simple life focusing on traveling, extreme sports, family, and friends. If I don’t use something in 6 months, it gets thrown away or donated.

Before a BASE jump in Norway
Before a BASE jump in Norway.

How I live a nomadic life

Running my own software development and consulting company affords me the freedom to work anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection. I live in my van when I’m in the United States but I travel abroad quite a bit, staying at friends’ houses, hostels, dropzones, and camp sites. Im currently doing work for Infinite Red, a remote work-friendly software and design consulting company creating amazing mobile and Mac applications.

I enjoy extreme sports with a focus on flying:

  • Paragliding
  • BASE jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Wingsuiting
  • Skiing (with the goal to eventually speedride)

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My van parked outside Grand Teton National Park
My van parked outside Grand Teton National Park.