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4 Years A Nomad

1 minute read

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of my nomadic life.

BASE Jumping Europe 2018 - By the Numbers

4 minute read

Flying back to the USA from Europe gives me lots of time to think and write. So you’re going to get a data nerd’s perspective on my BASE jumping trip to Euro...

Traveling Sober

7 minute read

In July 2017 I had an experience that changed my life and how I view what I put in my body. I had a treatment of Kambo–a traditional South American medicine ...

My Exhausting Life

2 minute read

Look at my social media feeds and you’ll see photos of me smiling! We all do it. Smiling at the airport, smiling on a boat, smiling in Europe, smiling in Sou...

5 Days in Saint Petersburg

3 minute read

Russia has never a place on my bucket list. With the current political climate and all the talk about Russia in the media, I decided I’d go and see what it w...

Initial Impressions of Guayaquil, Ecuador

7 minute read

I’ve been in Guayaquil, Ecuador for almost a week now. Typically, when I’m traveling internationally, I just stay at hostels. But since I’m spending 9 days h...

Legalization and Freedom

3 minute read

I just overheard some people at a restaurant talking about “drugs” and the older man goes, “what about alcohol?” Alcohol IS a mind-altering drug. So is caffe...


2 minute read

I love flags. Plenty of Americans are obsessed with the American Flag. They fly Old Glory day and night. I just love flags in general. Yes, I...